Poster Routes for RSOs

Starting September 2023, SLICE will only deliver RSO posters for the Nebraska Union and Nebraska East Union.

RSOs who would like posters distributed should drop them off at the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLICE) office, located in Room 200 of the Nebraska Union by 5 p.m. on Tuesday the week before they would like their posters to be displayed. This deadline ensures that there is enough time to distribute the posters and have them hung up before the start of the following week.

For RSO posters to be approved and distributed by SLICE, the posters will need to meet and include the following requirements:

  • Issued/sponsored by a club that is an active Recognized Student Organization (RSO) through SLICE
  • No larger than 11 inches by 17 inches
  • Cannot contain any obscene, vulgar, or promiscuous images or messaging
  • Event title
  • Event time/date
  • Event location
  • Sponsor(s)/RSO name or logo
  • RSO Contact Information (email or social media)

If your RSO submits posters to the SLICE poster route, please refrain from distributing the same poster at any of the locations listed on the poster route below. If you do not see your poster at one of the listed locations or have any other questions, email or call the student consultation desk 402-472-6797.

City Campus locations (16 posters)
Building Number of Boards Location Misc.
Love Library South 1 To the right of the AskUs Desk Room with vending machines
Woods 1 Room 102
Westbrook 4 Drop off at Room 119.1
Richards 1 Basement Back end of staircase
Hamilton 1 1st floor hallway Not posted on Chem board across the hall.
Avery 1 2nd floor, left of staircase
Bessey 1 Main hallway At the end of the hall.
Oldfather 1 Left of the elevators
Burnett 1 Main hallway End of main hallway.
Andrews 1 Room 202
Nebraska Union 3 1st and 2nd floor
  • 1st: Bulletin board to the left of Subway
  • 2nd: Hallway left of the Centennial Room
East Campus locations (13 posters)
Building Number of Boards Location Misc.
Massengale 5
Keim Hall 3
Philly Hall 1
Chase Hall 1
Nebraska East Union 1
SLICE office 2