Recognized Student Organizations Starting a new Recognized
Student Organization

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Things to Think About Before You Create a New RSO

  • How are you going to define your organization?
  • What is your RSO’s mission, vision, and values?
  • What is unique about your organization?
  • What benefits will the organization offer to its members?
  • What type of involvement commitment will members need to make if the want to join the group? Will there be multiple membership types based on the level of involvement i.e. voting members vs. non-voting members vs. executive board members
  • What will be the goals for your organization?
  • How do you plan to accomplish the goals?
  • Will the organization be affiliated with a department or office on campus?
  • Do you know of a faculty or managerial/professional staff member at UNL who would be interested in serving as an advisor for your organization?
  • Are there other student you know who would like to join?

Steps to Create a New RSO

  1. Email Joe Hagerty, Program Coordinator for Student Organizations, to schedule a 30-minute meeting to discuss the New RSO Process.
  2. Three of your RSO members - President, Treasurer, and Primary Programmer - need to attend annual orientation.
  3. Begin looking for five (5) members and an advisor to become members of your RSO.
  4. Create a free RSO lockup using UNL Lockup Factory.
  5. Create an RSO Constitution.
  6. Attend a Constitution Review Meeting.
  7. Submit your New RSO Registration Form on NvolveU to await approval by ASUN.

Once Your RSO Is Approved by ASUN

  1. Attend a Welcome Meeting with Joe Hagerty.
  2. Attend a Progress Check Meeting, usually 2-3 months after operating independently.