For Departments: UPC Nebraska Partners

Thank you for your interest in receiving support from the University Program Council Partners Program.

The University Program Council (UPC Nebraska) if a student organization that provides diverse, education, and entertaining programs to enhance the UNL community. Within UPC Nebraska is the Nebraska Partners Program, facilitated by the UPC Nebraska External Vice President and UPC Nebraska General Council Members. In collaboration with a UPC Nebraska General Council Member, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln college, department, or program can request support for events, programs, speakers, etc. Recognized Student Organizations are not eligible for the UPC Nebraska Partners Program. Colleges, departments, and programs who have participated in the past will have a current UPC Nebraska General Council Member 'partner' assigned to them during each academic year. Partnership emails are sent towards the beginning of each academic year to college, department, and program contacts. If your college, department, or program has not received a partners email, please reach out to UPC Nebraska External Vice President at UPC Nebraska can support in any (or all) of the following ways: Allocation of funds (up to $1,500) Marketing and Promotion Personnel/Volunteers. UPC Nebraska serves as an anonymous funding source and will never ask for nor want recognition for granting funding requests.

Click here and scroll down to documents to apply for our NE Partners Application


Departments, offices, colleges, or programs wishing to participate in the Nebraska Partners program must communicate their needs to their UPC Nebraska partner, then complete the application via NvolveU. Once your application is received, the UPC Nebraska External Vice President and your UPC Nebraska General Council Member 'partner' will present the partnership request to UPC Nebraska General Council. The request will then be vetted and approved/denied (nearly all requests are approved). Your college, department, or program will be notified of the status of your application shortly after the application has been reviewed. If the application requests allocation of funds, and following final approvals, a transfer of funds will be made to your cost center account only after you have submitted copies of bills, invoices, contracts, and/or receipts pertaining to the allocation. Your documentation must be submitted to the UPC Nebraska External Vice President within 30 days following the approved event. If not completed within this time from, the allocated funds will be forfeited. To be eligible for future partnerships, your college, departments, or program must complete the post-event evaluation form and submit within 30 days following the event.