Late Night Programs Campus NightLife

The mission of Campus NightLife is to provide all University of Nebraska-Lincoln students with interactive on-campus activities.

In partnership with other University departments and organizations, Campus NightLife funds free late night programs that builds diverse social relationships and student engagement while fostering campus wide inclusiveness. We strive to provide entertainment that is unique and caters to the ever changing student population and campus community.

History of Campus NightLife

Late Night programming at UNL evolved from Student Involvement, East Campus Programs late night events. Blue Crush was the first late night event held in 2003 in the Nebraska East Union. It was a night filled with free food and entertainment. It also included the Dating game, DJ dance, Mafia game, movies and free bowling. The event was a huge success in that students from both City and East Campus participated. The East Campus staff began to embark on increasing the frequency of the late night events and saw the programs as an opportunity to close the chasm between the two campuses. Welcome to the Jungle, Wild Wild East and Hakunamata followed. Although the themes changed the basic components, the events remained the same. Students enjoyed the free food, crafts, games, music, caricature artist etc.

The late night programs gained the attention of the Campus Alcohol Task Force and the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. The task force members acknowledged the success of the programs and saw an opportunity to reduce high risk behaviors on campus. The Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs requested that East Campus programs lead the initiative for laterite events campus wide. In 2008 Campus Night life was created. Originally the Campus NightLife Board was comprised of student leaders from East Campus Programs, ASUN, UPC, Campus Recreation Advisory Board, PanHellenic, IFC and the Health Center Advisory Board. The student s developed the by-laws and adopted the logo that has become well recognized symbol across campus. The first Campus Nightlife event was Rock the Vote to encourage college students to go out and vote. The event included bands, crafts, caricature artist, food and was a partnership with several campus departments.

Campus NightLife continued to expand programming to include the Husker Watch Party, Autumn Zone, Relaxation Sensation and the most prominent, End of the Year Bash. The events have become signature events on campus attracting hundreds of students representing the diversity of the campus.