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Thank you for your interest in UPC Nebraska. We are no longer accepting applications at this time. To stay connected, please follow us on social media: @UPCNebraska.

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UPC Nebraska Membership

UPC Nebraska Structure

UPC Nebraska is run completely by students on a volunteer basis with oversight from the Advising Team.

  • Advising Team: Program Coordinator, Graduate Assistant, President
  • Officers: President, Internal Vice President/FAC Chair, External Vice President, Financial Manager, Secretary, Membership Coordinator -

  • Committee Chairs: Diversity/Education, Entertainment, Public Relations
  • General Council Members

Member Expectations

Potential new members must be enrolled UNL students in good disciplinary standing with a minimum of 12 undergraduate credit hours or nine graduate credit hours and a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

All members must commit a minimum of four hours per week to attending UPC meetings, office hours, events, retreats, and activities.

Members must attend General Council meetings every Tuesday night from 7-9 p.m. in the Student Involvement Green Room within the Nebraska Union.

Communication is very important to UPC, so all members must keep updated with various forms of communication, e.g. email, text, phone, etc.

Fund Allocation Committee

FAC is currently accepting applications for Fall 2018 RSO funding. Please read the following tabs to learn more about the process and start your application.
Thank you,
Mary Woodruff
UPC Internal Vice President

What is the FAC?

The Fund Allocation Committee (FAC) is a branch of UPC that serves as an anonymous funding source for Recognized Student Organization (RSO) events; it is not recognized by RSOs in promotional materials or event programs, even though most other funding resources ask to be recognized in this way. FAC receives $10,000 in student fees to allocate each academic year. Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis, so once all $10,000 has been allocated, no other requests will be considered. The committee processes and votes on funding requests during committee breakout times during regular UPC Nebraska meetings. It is chaired by UPC Nebraska’s Internal Vice President and is made up of five other UPC Nebraska executives: President, External Vice President, Financial Manager, Secretary, and Membership Coordinator.

What are the Requirements & How to Apply

An RSO must be in compliance with ASUN Student Government, Student Involvement, and Student Organization Financial Services (SOFS) and must do all their banking through the SOFS office to be considered for FAC funding. While requests can be submitted at any point in the year, they must be turned in at least a minimum of 30 days prior to the event date under consideration.

To ensure all RSOs receive the support they deserve from FAC, RSOs can only apply for FAC funding once every two years. The applications can be found below and must be emailed to and

Download the forms here: Here and Here.

In order to be eligible for future funding from FAC, RSOs must complete the Post-event Evaluation Form and submit it within 30 days following the RSO event.

How Does Funding Get Approved?

Once the completed FAC Application request has been sent by the RSO Advisor to the UPC Program Coordinator, FAC reviews the request and determines their recommendation. The recommendation receives final approval from the Director of Student Involvement and the Director of the Nebraska Unions before it is made official.

Are There Stipulations on Funds?

Any funds granted to an RSO by FAC shall not be used to finance political campaigns or speakers of a political and ideological nature. The funds shall not be expended for wages, office supplies, student travel, or student lodging.

When will RSOs Receive Approved Funding?

Following final approvals, a transfer of funds will be made to the RSO SOFS Account only after FAC has received copies of all bills, invoices, contracts, and/or receipts pertaining to the allocated budget. This documentation must be submitted to the SOFS office in Room 200 in the Nebraska Union within 30 days following the event. If this is not done within this time frame, the funds will be made available for reallocation.

Our Story

What began as the Union Program Council was started shortly after the Nebraska Union opened in 1938. At that time, the programming focused on the Union and consisted primarily of speakers and films. In January 1978, The Board of Regents passed a new student fee policy that stipulated only the student government, student newspaper, and a major programming organization would receive student fee support. A student task force analyzed the results of the new Regents’ policy and created the structure for the newly named University Program Council (UPC).

In 2001, UPC was restructured in order to provide members with a sense of ownership and divide the workload equally among members. As a result, UPC Nebraska was divided into three committees: Entertainment, Diversity, and Public Relations. The eight executive officers included President, Vice President, Financial Manager, Secretary, Membership Coordinator, and the three Committee Chairs. In Spring 2004, UPC Nebraska voted to change the name of the Diversity Committee to Diversity/Education to better represent the committee’s goal of programming to enrich campus education on a variety of topics.

Mission Statement

The University Program Council (UPC Nebraska) is a student organization that provides diverse, educational and entertaining programs to enhance the UNL community.

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