Fund Allocation Committee (FAC)

Fund Allocation Committee (FAC)

If you are a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) at UNL that is seeking funding for an event, we encourage you to apply for Fund Allocation Committee (FAC) funding. The funding is allocated on a first come first serve basis. FAC will start accepting applications for RSO funding for events occurring during the 2020-2021 academic year beginning on September 1, 2020.

  • Is your event open to all UNL Students?
  • Is your event more than 30 days away?
  • Do you need up to $1,500 to fund your event?

If these questions apply to your RSOs event, then FAC funding could be a great opportunity for your RSO. Up to $1,500 can be allocated to your RSO by following the application steps below. Funding will be anonymous and your RSO can receive funding once every two years.

How to Apply

If your RSO would like to submit an application click here to: Apply Now Please contact the UPC Nebraska External VP at UPC Nebraska External VP if you have any questions.

Funding Process

Your RSO must be in compliance with ASUN Student Government and must do all your banking through the Student Organization Financial Services (SOFS) office to be eligible for FAC funding.

Once your application is received, the Fund Allocation Committee will ask a representative of your RSO to be present at an FAC meeting to discuss your RSO event and the funds being requested. Meetings typically take place on Tuesday evenings.

After speaking with your RSO representative, the members of FAC will discuss and vote on funding for your event. The Director of Student Involvement must also approve FAC’s suggested allocation. Your RSO will be notified on the status of your application shortly after.

Following final approvals, a transfer of funds will be made to your RSO SOFS Account only after you have submitted copies of all bills, invoices, contracts, and/or receipts pertaining to the allocation. Your documentation must be submitted to the SOFS office in 200 Nebraska Union within thirty (30) days following your RSO event. If this is not done within this time frame, your RSO funds will be made available for other RSOs.

In order to be eligible for future FAC funding, your RSO must complete the Post-event Evaluation Form and submit it within thirty (30) days following your RSO event.

Any funds granted to an RSO by FAC shall not be used to finance political campaigns or speakers of a political and ideological nature. The funds shall not be expended for wages, office supplies, student travel, or student lodging.

UPC Nebraska Partners

UPC Nebraska Partners strives to connect with UNL offices and departments to promote diverse and educational programming efforts to better serve the entire student body.

What assistance can UPC Nebraska Partners provide for your office or department?

Financial: Up to $1,500 for your office or department’s event

Marketing: Promotion of your events to the general student body

Staffing: Provide hands on event support from UPC Nebraska members

 If you believe your office or department could benefit from any of the above opportunities, please contact our UPC Nebraska External VP at UPC Nebraska External VP