COVID-19 Updates:
COVID Resources for RSOs
RSO Resources

Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement Office

The Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement office will be open for students. Specific hours for Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement and other campus resources located in the Nebraska Union will be updated on the Nebraska Union’s website.

Our office will be observing all policies set by the University and the Nebraska Unions. Our student staff desk has been outfitted with Plexiglass for everyone’s safety. You are welcome to stop by our office, but please follow policies including facial coverings. We have moved all RSOs process to NvolveU and will continue to transition processes, as necessary.


RSOs are encouranged to keep track of attendance at events for contact tracing. NvolveU features RSVP options and attendance tracking. This resource will help you use the RSVP, Event Pass, Event Check in App and Attendance features.


Pepsi product pickups will ONLY be handled in 200 Nebraska Union. East Campus pickup will not be available. When students pick up Pepsi products, there will be an additional guide for distributing and returning unused product safely.

Mail & Packages

RSOs may still receive mail at the Nebraska Union. RSOs should continue to check their mailboxes frequently. RSOs will be alerted if a package is delivered and will be asked to pick up the package. Staff will be utilizing hand sanitizer and facial coverings while sorting mail.

Elections & Compliance

RSOs are expected to maintain their compliance with Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement. Annual Orientation is being offered via Zoom sessions and in a virtual, on-demand format. Dates and times for Annual Orientation, as well as the virtual, on-demand details can be found on NvolveU, in the Common Resources box. RSOs who are out of compliance will not be permitted to submit EPRs, SOFS payment requests or participate in Big Red Welcome events.

RSOs may have delayed their elections in the Spring. Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement suggests hosting your elections as soon as possible to get your new officer team started and in compliance. Resources:


SOFS will operate as normal. RSOs will submit all SOFS payment requests through the Payment Request System. Deposits will be accepted in 200 Nebraska Union and 333 Nebraska East Union. Students will be able to decide if they want to have reimbursement checks mailed or picked up.

Organizations with National or International Affiliation, Membership and Fraternities/Sororities

Clubs and organizations that have membership with a coordinating National, International, Executive or Headquarter Offices are expected to observe the requirements of those organizations as it relates to meetings, activities, and events.

If there is a difference in requirements, organizations are expected to observe the most stringent requirements or guidance received regarding meetings, activities, and events.

Policy Enforcement

If an RSO is found in violation, they will be referred to Student Conduct & Community Standards. Appropriate sanctioning will result. Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in suspension of activity or future activities, or additional sanctions, as determined appropriate.

RSO Advisor Guidance

Student organization advisors should encourage the group and members to follow the guidance, policies, and guidelines of the University and the current directed health measures as stated by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services regarding the prevention of spread of COVID-19.

Recognized Student Organizations should follow the guidelines of the Departments that support them as well as the above RSO guidelines set by Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement and Student Affairs.

Encourage student members to be conscientious of the parameters of physical distancing and avoiding high risk activities and environments. An excellent resource for assessing the risk of an activity or event can be found in the Risk Assessment.

We encourage you to continue to meet regularly with your organization but make your level of comfort with face to face meetings with the group clear. If you prefer to meet with them through virtual means that should be an option.

Help students understand the importance of wearing a face covering and physically distancing themselves when that is not possible. Many resources highlighting the importance of wearing a face covering and physically distancing can be found on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website.

Help students understand that some people cannot wear face coverings, or do not feel comfortable meeting/participating in person. We recommend that the RSO have virtual opportunities to participate when possible. If your group would like assistance in offering a virtual option, the Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement team would be happy to help.

Coach/mentor students on how to make thoughtful decisions about having conversations with their members or guests about wearing face coverings and/or physically distancing.

Often our advisors fill a role similar to a “manager” for their RSO. If you are, or have been, wondering how to manage this remote dynamic with student leaders, Gallup® has some great lessons on “how to manage remote employees.” While written from a business perspective, there are many crossovers that advisors might find useful: How to Manage Remote Employees

  • Another great resource in this area is a webinar discussing the transitions of working and schooling remotely. It covers practical ways to help your students by addressing common major stressors related to working remotely, providing examples of how you can help your students stay connected, and what they might need from you throughout this process. You can find the recorded webinar here: Coaching Collegians Remotely.

Support your student’s wellbeing, and be aware of the resources available to students.