Programs and Services

Check out all of our programming on the "Upcoming Events" tab on our Calendar!

Annual Programming

August: Check out our tables at Big Red Welcome (the weekend before clases start):
Party at the Union (Saturday night) and at the Sunday evening Street Fair!

September: Our annual Open House (and birthday celebration!)

The LGBTQA+ Resource Center opened in the Fall of 2007. Since that time we have moved from our original location in 342 NU and are now located in 346 NU!  We have grown and re-arranged the center over the summer of 2014. Our open house coincides with the Women's Center Open House and this year, the Student Veteran Organization (located in 345 NU) joined in for a trio of open houses. Next year we are hoping to make it a 3rd floor of the NU open house extravaganza!

October: LGBTQA History Month
LGBTQA History Month is a month long observance in October celebrating the achievements of the LGBTQA community. For more information about LGBTQA history, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on History Month under the More tab.      You will also find a link to our calendar of events
If you have historical information related to the LGBTQA Community at UNL, please email

One recurring event is the Guys and Dolls Drag Show

Guys and Dolls Drag Show from Daily Nebraskan on Vimeo.

Click here for more information about this year's History Month festivities.

November: Each November we plan an activity or program to raise awareness about Trans* Information & Experience. Check our calendar of events for more information or contact the center. We also start planning for student travel to MBLGTACC (the Midwest BLGTA College Conference), which includes fundraising to help with travel expenses. Some of our regular fundraisers include a "Eat at Noodles" night and selling Eileen's Cookie Dough. Let us know if you would like to help!

 February: Let Us Eat Cake! Each February, around the 14th of the month, we have our annual Let Us Eat Cake! event to raise awareness about marriage equality, healthy relationships, and the status of same sex relationships and rights around the globe. And we eat cake! Stop by and have some cake!
MBLGTACC also takes place in February so we usually attend the conference with students.

April: Be the Change Week! The LGBTQA+ Resource Center has traditionally held Be the Change week during the last week in March (which usually blends into the beginning of April). We are considering moving this week to the 14th (aka the week before "dead" week), which will then include observance of Earth Day and Lavender Graduation & the Chancellor's Awards for Outstanding Contributions to the GLBT Community (go forth and be the change and thanks for be-ing the change).  Other programming also takes place during the week.

  • April means Awards and Graduation!  End of Semester Programming (e.g., Volunteer Recognition and/or Dead Week Retreat).  Click the links below for more info on Lavender Graduation, the Chancellor's Awards & the Louis Crompton Scholarship!

    Summer: Our hours vary over the summer due to limited staffing. We usually participate in Star City Pride's Street Fair, which usually takes place in July. Give us a call or schedule an appointment to make sure we are available when you are able to stop by!

    ADDITIONAL Programming:
    We provide other programming throughout the semester that includes educational and social programming as well as collaborative programming with other organizations, individuals and departments. Check our calendar of events or stop by for more information.
    Some of our other programming includes:
  • Volunteer Meetings
  • Family Time

Presentations, activities & workshops (see services below):

  • Creating Inclusive Spaces presentations and workshops (LGBTQA+ 101, Concepts, Terminology, Privilege & Identity)
  • Ally Development (Concepts, Bystander Intervention, Social Norming, and more!)
  • OutSpeaking Panels



LGBTQA LibraryThe LGBTQA Resource Center Library has over 1000 books, DVDs, reference materials, and brochures. All resources address issues of gender and sexuality, or the intersections among race, gender identity, class, religion, and sexual orientation/sexuality. Our nonfiction section addresses a variety of topics, including history, HIV/AIDS, psychology, and politics, and we have a large fiction section with novels, comics, plays, and poetry. Come check us out!

Resource Center resources are listed in UNL’s library catalog (online at and are checked out using your NCard. Books can be checked out for two weeks and DVDs and VHSs for one week. If you aren’t finished with the resources by then, you can renew them!

Suggestions and Donations
We are always eager to hear suggestions on materials that would make our library better. Donations are also welcome. If you have recommendations or would like to donate DVDs, books, magazine, etc., please email .

Library Policies
The LGBTQA Resource Center library follows the Circulation Policies set by UNL Libraries.

Workshops, Presentations, Panels

The LGBTQA+ Resource Center staff and volunteers offer workshops, presentations, and panels on request. To request one of the following, please email

  • Creating Inclusive Spaces
  • OutSpeaking Panel
  • Ally Development Workshops
  •        - Workshops created and tailored specifically for your group/organization.
  • Identity and Privilege (Facilitated Activity)
  • LGBTQA+ 101

Contact Information


Pat Tetreault, Ph.D.

346 Nebraska Union

(402) 472-1752

LGBTQA Resource Center

346 Nebraska Union

(402) 472-1652