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Student Organizations: Pepsi Student Experience Fund

LinPepCo donates a limited amount of free Pepsi products to the University for distribution by the Student Involvement office. Each year, a certain amount is allocated for use by Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs). RSOs may apply for free Pepsi products for an event they are sponsoring by filling out an application form, available online. Students must fill out the Application for Free Pepsi Products under FORMS on the NvolveU portal. Please ensure that you are submitting your application within ten (10) business days before your event.

In order for your RSO’s event to be considered for free Pepsi products, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Event must be held on campus.
  • Event must be campus-wide and open to all students. (No general meetings will be eligible for free Pepsi products.)
  • Event must be free for University of Nebraska-Lincoln students only. Faculty and staff events are not eligible.
  • Allocated beverages may NOT be sold or used to generate profit in any way (*except Philanthropies).
  • Your RSO must have started an Event Planning & Registration (EPR) form in NvolveU for your event and it must be approved by your advisor.

All applications are subject to review by the Pepsi Coordinator in the Student Involvement office. Only completed applications submitted by the appropriate deadline will be considered. Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are encouraged to plan ahead and apply early, especially for larger events. Waiting until the end of the semester may result in limited available funding. Submitting a request does not guarantee that the RSO will receive free Pepsi products. In order to be eligible for free Pepsi products, the RSO must be in total compliance with ASUN bylaws and Student Involvement guidelines. If you are not sure if your RSO is in total compliance, call the Student Involvement office at 402-472-2454 to inquire.

When requesting free Pepsi products, the maximum number that can be requested per RSO event is now ten (10) cases or 240 cans (1 case = 24 cans). Each RSO must not exceed $500 or fifty (50) cases of Pepsi products [Bubly is $7.90 per case and Soda is $9.50 per case] per semester. Please consider these amounts when requesting free Pepsi products for each of your RSO events.

If your RSO has requested too many free Pepsi products for your event, the Student Involvement office does have the right to alter the amount on the application.

*Philanthropies- Student Involvement has allotted $500 of free Pepsi products for philanthropies sponsored by RSOs to raise money for nonprofit organizations. At philanthropy events, Pepsi products cannot be sold separately but can be given as part of a meal that is being sold, or given as part of the admission fee to the event.

Due date for the Application for Free Pepsi Products is 10 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE your RSO event!

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