What is OutSpeaking?

OutSpeaking is the LGBTQA+ Speakers Bureau sponsored by the UNL LGBTQA+ Resource Center and PFLAG-Lincoln with the mission of increasing awareness and understanding of the LGBTQA+ community and LGBTQA+ issues by providing the UNL and Lincoln communities with educational workshops and panels.

Educational Panels

All OutSpeakers have been interviewed by the Resource Center and successfully completed an OutSpeaking Orientation where they learn how to speak confidently and candidly on a wide range of LGBTQA+ issues drawing from their own personal experiences. People's stories hold power, and it's with that power that OutSpeaking seeks to break down damaging stereotypes and misconceptions about the LGBTQA+ community and promote empathy and understanding. OutSpeakers have been trained to remain respectful and professional when serving on a panel, while still offering an intimate and often unseen look into the lives of LGBTQA+ individuals, their unique experiences and perspectives. Educational panels can be arranged for classes, residence hall floors, fraternity/sorority chapters, athletic teams, student organizations, or community organizations.

Panels can address a diverse range of popular topics including, but not limited to: general LGBTQA+ information, the dynamics of power and privilege, creating inclusive spaces, ally development, transgender topics, religious issues, LGBTQA+ experience in education, and much more. At the end of every presentation there will be an opportunity to ask questions, anonymously or not, and hold a discussion. Panelists also have basic knowledge about the LGBTQA+ Resource Center and what other services and programming we provide.

Hosting an OutSpeaking panel can give you and your class or organization the opportunity to explore LGBTQA+ identities, issues, and experiences in a variety of ways and are a valuable educational resource that you are encouraged to take advantage of.

To request a panel click here.

Be an OutSpeaker

Serving on the Speakers Bureau is a great professional and social development opportunity. You can gain valuable public speaking and leadership skills while participating in an interactive and informal environment. You’ll meet and get to know other positive members of the LGBQTA+ community and learn more about how the public views LGBTQA+ issues. You can be a powerful agent for change and use the power of your story to break down stereotypes and make a positive impact in your community.

If you’re interested in becoming an OutSpeaker click here ​to fill out our interest form. Audrey, the OutSpeaking Coordinator, can answer any questions you might have and let you know when the next orientation is scheduled. You can find her at work at the LGBTQA+ Resource Center in Room 346 of the Nebraska Union or email her at lgbtqa.outspeaking@unl.edu