Out Ally List

LGBTQA Program & Services: Creating Inclusive Environments

Out & Allied List

An Ally is an individual who is pro-LGBTQA+ and actively committed to diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and safety for all people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expression.


Ronnie D. Green, UNL Chancellor


Dave Billesbach, Biological Systems Engineering
Robert Brooke, English Department 
 Theresa Catalano, Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education
Pankaj Desai, University Housing
Barbara DiBernard, 
English and Women’s & Gender Studies, Professor Emeritus
Kaitlin E. Ferris
Gina Furr
, Educational Psychology
Russell Ganim, Modern Language
Lauren Gatti,
Teaching Learning and Teacher Education
Sarah Gervais, Psychology Department
David Hansen, 
Psychology Department
Joanna (Joey) Hubbard, School of Biological Sciences                                                    
Ingrid Haas, Political Science  
Bridget Hill, Department of Music (Grad Student)                                                                                                                
Emily Kazyak, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies                                                             
Patrick D. Jones, 
History, Institute for Ethnic Studies 
Naomi Leite, Anthropology Department
Deb McConahie, University Housing
Julia McQuillan, Sociology Director, Bureau of Sociological Research
David Moshman, Educational Psychology
Gabrielle (Brie) Owen, English Department
Lisa PytlikZillig, Educational Psychology Center for Instructional, Innovation Mediator, The Mediation Center
Corey Reiman, Educational Administration
Carleen D. Sanchez, Anthropology and Ethnic Studies
Melanie Skocy, University Housing
Kelli K. Smith, Adjunct Faculty ALEC/Career Services
Timothy Schaffert, English Department                                                                                                        
Steve Swartzer
, Philosophy
Stacey Waite, English Department


Vanessa Bayer, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), University Health Center
Amanda Bergeron-Bauer, School of Natural Resources                                                                               
Carrie Casper,
University Housing
David Csontos, 
Political Science Department
Jan Deeds, Student Involvement and Women’s Center; Campus Associate Women's and Gender Studies
Andrea Einspahr, Athletics-Academics (Herman Student Life Complex)
Ryan Fette, Judicial Affairs
Justin L. Gibson,
Staff in the College of Arts & Sciences
Sylvia Hall,
Heather J Hiskey, School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Jill Johnson, English Department, Student Involvement
Amy Kunce, Independent Study High School, Extended Education & Outreach
Justin Lewis, Food Science and Technology
Ryan Lowery, Public Policy Center
Bill Manning, Parking & Transit, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Maria Moreno, Office of Research, Alum
Allison L. Nespor, Educational Psychology Dept., Alum
Vanessa Neuhaus, Couple and Family Clinic (CFC) in The Family Resource Center
Heather Ockenfels, Academic Affairs, Office of First-year Experience and Transition Programs
Kelly Payne, Student Arts & Sciences Advising Center
Suzy Prenger, UNL Alum Manager, Amnesty International
Cameya Ramirez-Rousseau, Academic Advisor
Kevin Rush, Housing-Residence Life
Michael E. Reinmiller, Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts/Digital Arts                                    
 Erin Sayer,  Explore Center
Steve Swartzer, Ethics Center     
Kelli K. Smith, Career Services, Adjunct Faculty ALEC
Corrie Svehla,  Office of Research
Casey Tallent, Counseling and Psychological Services                                                                                  
Pat Tetreault, LGBTQA Resource Center Director; Campus Associate Women's and Gender Studies
Susan Tribby, Alum, School of Music
Scott Winrow, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist in Counseling and Psychological Services

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Brian Armenta, Psychology Dept.
Kadie Ausherman, Family Resource Center, Children Youth and Family

Brandi Berry, M.A., 
School Psychology Doctoral Student
Erin M. Bertram, MFA, Creative Writing, Women's & Gender Studies
Zach Breunig,
Family Resource Center (CYAF)
Teal Briner,
Women's & Gender Studies
Michael S. Butchko,
Education Psychology (Counseling)
Stacey Cleveland, M.A., 
Teaching, Learning, & Teacher Education
Violeta Davis,
Educational Psychology
Ashley Dernovish,
Ebony Featherstone
Katrina Fischman
John Fitzpatrick,
Kimmie Fox
Maggie Gossard, 
Michelle Haikalis,
Clinical Psychology Graduate Program
James Harrold (Jim), 
PREVENT (Women’s Center)
Belinda Hinojos,
Educational Psychology, CAPS Intern
Valerie Kutchko,
Daily Nebraskan
Stephany Pleasant Maness,
Political Science, German
Robert Lipscomb,
Graduate Student English
Andy Matz, 
Molly McPherson, 
Textiles and Apparel Design                                                                                                     
Kelly Meyer,
English Department
Vanessa Neuhaus,
Family Resource Center, East Campus
Krista Robbins, 
Educational Psychology
Kelly F. Schussler, 
Department of Organization: Special Education and Communications Disorders
Lauren Segal,
Agronomy & Horticulture
Kristina Stuckwisch,
Ashley Svave,
OASIS and Student Affairs
James Varpness, School of Music
Melissa Will,
Educational Counseling Psychology
Amanda Wilson,
Teaching, Learning, & Teacher Education
Ky Wimbush, Psychology, Women's & Gender Studies


Russ Headlee
Luis F. Morales Knight
Mitch Lee
Sindu Sathiyaseelan
Shoshana Sumrall Frerking

Community Members

Stephen Griffith, Saint Paul United Methodist Church
Kylie Lowe, Community Member
Cheri Marti, PFLAG, Former military
Father Jerry Thompson, Pastor, St. Mark’s on the Campus Episcopal Church
Megan Watson, Community Psychologist, The Wellness Center & Affiliates
Jennifer Wendelin, President of Trans Panthers Party


LGBTQA Resource Center Student Staff

Student Staff at the Center:
Derrick Gulley, Education and Peer Mentor Program Coordinator
Ty Zink, Library & Resources Coordinator
JD McCown, Volunteer Coordinator
Aryn Huck, Outreach Coordinator

Stephanie Blair, Graduate Assistant

Pat Tetreault, Director

I am a pro-LGBTQA+ and actively commited to Diversity & Inclusion

If you want to be included on this list as Out & Allied!, please email the following form to ptetreault1@unl.edu:

Out Ally List Application (Word)
Out Ally List Application (PDF)