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Campus Activities Benchmark Survey Snapshot

#1 Activities

Campus Events such as concerts, speakers, or movies.

Campus Activity Involvement

79% of respondents reported that they attend events, actively participate in planning/helping, or hold leadership positions in various events/activities across campus.

#2 Activities

Campus Recreation Activites such as intramural, or club sports.

50% of respondents said they are less involved than they would like to be because "they don't like to participate alone", and 62% of respondents said it is because "they don't have time/are too busy".

Benefits of Involvement

Diverse Interactions

78% of respondents agreed that they have met individuals with different interests from their own

Campus Community

67% of respondents agreed that they feel a part of the UNL campus community.

Career Builders

69% of respondents agreed that their involvement has provided them with skills they will use after college.

"(Being involved) has provided me hands on learning in terms of communication, leadership, and problem solving. (It) has integrated me with something bigger than myself and helped me discover more about who I am." -Survey Respondent

"The campus activities I am involved in have improved my skills in relating and working with others to improve and strengthen a group. I have learned how to effectively listen and understand many different opinions, ideas, and viewpoints." -Survey Respondent

Top 4 Life Skills Gained

% of students who agreed that their skills in the areas below have improved, as a result of campus involvement.