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Website and Email

Does your RSO use its Internet resources?

All Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) have access to the same Internet resources as departments and offices. After making requests online, your RSO can have its own Web site, email account, Listserv account, and Blackboard portal.

Web sites

A Web page is an excellent way for a RSO to highlight its events, maintain contact with members, and recruit more people. RSO Web pages must follow a set of guidelines to ensure compatibility with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Web site. Visit UNL CWIS Procedures and Guidelines to request a web site for your RSO.


Creating an RSO email account is another great way for organizations to keep in contact with students interested in their group and it can act as a central collection point for all email relating to the RSO. Access to the account can be made available to the RSO's leadership or its members as the need arises. The faculty/staff advisor for the organization is held accountable for the email account. Visit Information Services to request an email account.


An email list simplifies announcements, discussions, and other communication with your RSO's members. emails sent to the list's email address will forward to members of the RSO. Visit the Listserv Request Form to request a listserv account.