Big Red Integrity Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the Big Red Integrity. Applications are reviewed as they are received.

Please complete this application thoroughly and as accurately as possible. This form will be used as a screening tool. The top applicants will be selected by committee for a 30-minute interview.

The Center for Civic Engagement requests a personal reference for students applying for Big Red Integrity. Suggested references include, but are not limited to: A University affiliate, an employer, an advisor, a mentor, past teacher, etc. In one page or less, this reference should comment on your character and integrity by citing an example and answering why they believe you would be a committed agent for promoting positive character on campus. Your letter writer should directly send their recommendation to:

Big Red Integrity strives to develop lives of integrity and amplify positive character through community engagement and recognizing individuals who uphold the values upon which we were founded: Citizenship, Caring, Commitment, Dependability, Open-mindedness, and Respect.

The purpose of Big Red Integrity is to grow the values of integrity and positive character across our campus and community. Members will serve as agents of creative change, in further developing the focus of the character council, and helping our character campaign grow into an actionable, livable, and visible set of values.

Year in School

Attendance Policy

Big Red Integrity has an attendance policy denoting that every member must be present for weekly meetings. These meetings are held on Tuesday, from 7:-00-8:00 pm, in the Center for Civic Engagement (222 Nebraska Union - City Campus). Absences from meetings may be excused given personal circumstances.

Attendance Policy Agreement Required


Please provide a short résumé that details your commitment to character. Please highlight specifically your experiences in service/advocacy activities, your roles in leadership activities, and any honors and recognition awards you have received.

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Short-Essay Questions

Through answering these questions, we hope to understand you and your ideas as a potential member. Answers should clearly address the question presented. Past applicants have submitted sufficient answers in 100-250 words (about half a page, single-spaced).

Question #1: What ideas do you have to promote character on our campus, both individually and collectively?

Please pick one question from the following.

Question #2: The Character Blocks of Big Red Integrity are the foundational values of the organization: Citizenship, Dependability, Commitment, Respect, Caring, and Open-mindedness. Explain which of these values is most important to you.

Question #3: Please describe a time when you demonstrated using integrity.

Judicial Records

Your application will be anonymously reviewed by a committee consisting of Student Affairs professionals, faculty, graduate students, and current members of Big Red Integrity. The committee criterion includes a consideration of your character as a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In addition, by applying for this committee you authorize the Office of Student Affairs to review any records held in the Office of Student Conduct. A request of personal information below will therefore be requested on your behalf.

This information is to be used for application purposes and will remain confidential within the committee.

Judicial Record Release Required

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