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Annual Orientation

To be in TOTAL COMPLIANCE ALL RSOs MUST do the following:
  1. Complete the Renewal Process on NVolveU.
  2. The President, Treasurer and Primary Programmer MUST attend an Annual Orientation Session
  3. Complete a Federal Tax Identification Number (FTIN) (RSOs with annual receipts over $5,000 must obtain a FTIN)

Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are required to attend an Annual Orientation Training. RSOs will participate in 1 of 3 Registration Periods:
  1. Fall (mid-August to mid-September)
  2. Winter (December-January), or
  3. Spring (April-mid-May)

During a registration period, each RSO will send the newly elected President, Treasurer, and Primary Programmer to an Annual Orientation Training. These sessions will be offered a number of times within the Registration Period in order to meet the diverse needs of your student leaders. Note, you do not have to attend an Annual Orientation with the other required leaders in your RSO. You may choose the date/time that works best for you. All three members MUST attend one of the sessions for your RSO to maintain Total Compliance status.

The Annual Orientation Training will cover:

  • SOFS Training
  • Student Involvement Services
  • Event Planning Guidelines and Policies (which includes but is not limited to securing trip insurance, registering events, contracts with vendors, reserving space on campus, etc.)
  • NvolveU Training
  • Opportunity to collaborate with and meet other RSO leaders
  • Your RSO will still complete an Annual Review Form with the signatures of your President, Treasurer, and Advisor.
  • Once you’ve completed steps 1-4 your RSO is in compliance for 1 year until your next Annual Registration Period. ALL Annual Orientations will be held in the Nebraska Union or the JCMC. Please check posted calendars for room assignment

Please RSVP on NvolveU for an upcoming Annual Orientation