UPC History

Our Story: The History of UPC

The Union Program Council began shortly after the Nebraska Union opened in 1938. At that time, the programming focused on the Union and consisted primarily of speakers and films. In January 1978, The Board of Regents passed a new student fee policy that stipulated only the student government, student newspaperand a major programming organization would receive student fee support. A student task force analyzed the results of the new Regents’ policy and created the structure for the newly named University Program Council.

In 2001, the University Program Council (UPC) was restructured in order to provide members with a sense of ownership of UPC and to evenly divide the workload among the members. As a result, UPC was divided into three committees: Entertainment, Diversity, and Public Relations. The eight executive officers included President, Vice President, Financial Manager, Secretary, Membership Coordinator and the three Committee Chairs. In spring 2004, UPC voted to change the name of the Diversity Committee to Diversity/Education to better represent the committee’s goal of programming to enrich campus education on a variety of topics.