UPC FAC Funding

The Fund Allocation Committee (FAC) is accepting funding requests for the 2015-2016 academic year. For more information, follow UPC Nebraska on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

Thank you,
Joe Grobeck
UPC - Internal Vice-President

What is the Fund Allocation Committee (FAC)?

The Fund Allocation Committee (FAC) is a group of University Program Council (UPC) officers that is chaired by the UPC Vice President. The FAC receives $10,000 of student fees to be allocated to other Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) each academic year. The UPC FAC serves as an anonymous funding source and is not to be recognized by the RSO in any promotional materials or event programs.

What are the requirements for an RSO to receive FAC funding?

An RSO must be in compliance with ASUN Student Government, Student Involvement and Student Organization Financial Services (SOFS) to be considered for FAC funding. An RSO must also do all of their banking through the SOFS office to be eligible for FAC funding.

How can the FAC help fund your RSO event?

An RSO must complete the FAC Application (RSO Event Fund Request) in order to be considered for funding. Both the Event Information Form and the Event Budget Form must be completed. These Excel documents can be found on the Student Involvement website under Student Organizations, RSO Fund Request Forms, http://involved.unl.edu/organizations/rso_fund_requests. All requests must be emailed directly from the RSO Advisor to Karen Freimund Wills, UPC Program Coordinator, at kwills2@unl.edu. The email subject line should read: UPC FAC Request.

When are FAC Applications due?

FAC Application requests may be submitted at any time during the year, but must be received at least four (4) weeks prior to the event date to be considered for approval. The FAC considers requests on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the academic year. Once all $10,000 has been allocated, no further funding requests will be considered.

How does FAC funding get approved?

Once the completed FAC Application request has been sent by the RSO Advisor to the UPC Program Coordinator, the FAC reviews the request and determines their recommendation. This recommendation must then receive final approval from the Director of Student Involvement, the Director of the Nebraska Unions, and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Are there stipulations on the allocation of FAC funds?

Any funds granted to an RSO shall not be used to finance political campaigns or speakers of a political and ideological nature and shall not be expended for wages, equipment, office supplies, student travel or student lodging. While all funding requests for food are discouraged, the FAC shall consider requests to fund food when it constitutes an integral part of a culturally based event.

When will an RSO receive their approved FAC funding?

Following final approvals, a transfer of funds will be made to the RSO SOFS Account ONLY AFTER the FAC has received copies of all bills, invoices, contracts, and/or receipts pertaining to the allocated amount. This documentation can be submitted to the SOFS office in Room 200 in the Nebraska Union. The RSO has 120 days following the event to supply expense documentation, or the approved funds will be made available for reallocation.

How often can an RSO receive funding from the FAC?

An RSO is eligible to receive funding from the FAC every two (2) years. In order to be eligible for future funding after receiving FAC funding, the Post-Event Evaluation Form must be submitted within four (4) weeks following the event in which the RSO received funding. This form is located with the application at http://stuafs.unl.edu/student-affairs-funding-resources.

Are there other ways for RSOs to obtain funding?

All funding requests can also be submitted by the RSO Advisor to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs via e-mail to the Student Affairs Office atstudentaffairs@unl.edu for Pepsi Diversity Funding, Pepsi Student Events Funding, and funding by the Council of Student Affairs Directors (CSAD). Requests will need to include the following information in the email subject line: UNL VCSA Funding Request. For more details: http://stuafs.unl.edu/funding-resources.