These presentations are available for campus and community organizations

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Introduction to the Women's Center Resources
A flexible presentation for classes that can focus on library only or include an overview of other programs and services that are available through the Women's Center.Presentations can be 5 minute long to a full class period depending on your request.

Bystander Intervention Skills
Develop the skills to safely and effectively intervene when you see dangerous or negative behaviors. Empowering bystanders to act creates a safer campus for everyone.

Relationship Red Flags and Green Lights
This workshop reinforces participants’ intuition about healthy/unhealthy situations, and introduces campus and community resources for people in unhealthy relationships.

Dating Violence/Acquaintance Rape/Stalking Scenarios – Live Skits
What would you do? Realistic situations acted out by PREVENT members challenge participants to identify ways to safely intervene and avoid negative consequences.

Dating Violence/Acquaintance Rape/Stalking Scenarios – Classroom style
What would you do? Handouts describe realistic situations followed by small and large group discussions of potential interventions.

Understanding Consent
What does state law say is consent? What does the UNL Code of Conduct say? This workshop teaches important skills for communicating about consent (including listening to your partner) and identifies situational factors that reduce effective communication.

How to Help a Friend
A presentation by the UNL Victim Advocate about how to respond when someone discloses they have experienced sexual assault, relationship violence or stalking. Myths and stereotypes about these kinds of violence are explored, and campus and community resources for victims and concerned friends are presented. Learn about definitions, dynamics, and the prevalence of these crimes. This presentation can be adapted to meet your group’s specific needs.

The Man Box
What are the characteristics of a “Real Man” as described by popular culture? What happens to men who don’t meet those expectations? How does trying to be a “Real Man” affect men’s self-esteem and relationships with others? This workshop features members of Men @ Nebraska, a student organization dedicated to helping men explore masculinities.

This interactive workshop that reveals societal stereotypes we hold as well as the behaviors and attitudes that men and women actually want from a romantic partner and from friends. Helpful communication skills are taught.

Reconstructing Barbie and Ken
What do you get when you combine fabric scraps, glue, sewing supplies, body image awareness and self-esteem? Reconstructing Barbie workshops! Participants change Barbie and Ken dolls to represent themselves as they really are, while enjoying discussions about the messages we receive from popular culture about attractiveness and gender.