Gender Programs: Outreach


Reconstructing Barbie

What do you get when you combine fabric scraps, glue, sewing supplies, body image awareness and self esteem? Reconstructing Barbie workshops! Participants change Barbie and Ken dolls to represent themselves as they really are, while enjoying discussions about self esteem, body image and favorite childhood toys. These workshops are popular in residence halls, sororities, and student organization meetings. Contact Claire at (402) 472-9428 to schedule one for your group!


What do heterosexual men and women want from each other? What do we think the other gender wants from us? Learn to avoid misunderstandings based on stereotypes. Always an entertaining, informative program, this activity is great for a combined event with men's and women's residence hall floors, or with fraternity and sorority members.


What do people in same sex relationships want from each other in romantic relationships and friendships? This program helps lesbians and gay men get past the stereotypes and have happier relationships.

If you would like more information or to book one of these presentations, please contact Gender Programs at 472-2597.


PREVENT is a UNL student organization that works to end relationship violence and acquaintance rape through peer education. It began as a collaborative project between the Women's Center and the UNL Athletic Department, and continues to be supported by those programs. PREVENT workshops feature lively, open discussions that explore men's and women's roles in creating a safer, healthier world. To schedule a presentation or to become a presenter contact Jan Deeds at Gender Programs, 472-2598. To participate in service learning projects, developing educational materials and other non-public s peaking activities that support ending violence, come to a PREVENT meeting on Thursdays at 3:30 pm in the Nebraska Union (room posted).


Want to change the world? Meet people who share your interests? Earn volunteer hours in classes that require community involvement? Become a Gender Programs volunteer and see how you can make a difference on campus. Learn how to put your skills to use or work on fine tuning the skills you want to strengthen!

What kinds of things do Women's Center volunteers do?
  • Help people check out our library of books and videos, or help maintain the library.
  • Become part of a team that learns to facilitate activities and do presentations about relationships, body image, or violence prevention.
  • Create interesting bulletin board displays to educate people about upcoming events.
  • Help us plan big events like the Week Without Violence (in October) and Women's Week (in March).
Want to learn more about volunteer opportunities at the Women's Center?
  • Fill out a volunteer application [PDF]. When done, please email it as an attachment to
  • Or stop by the Women's Center (340 Nebraska Union) and fill out a paper application.
  • Or contact Sam at 472-2597.

Contact Information

Associate Director
Jan Deeds
(402) 472-2598
340 Nebraska Union