Gender Programs

Gender Programs

Gender Programs creates a safe environment within the UNL community to explore the changing roles of women and men, and advocates for gender equity. We collaborate with many departments and student organizations to provide programs and services that empower students to have successful college experiences.

The Women’s Center is a welcoming environment for people from all cultures, communities and life experiences. It was started in 1971 by student volunteers under the name “Women’s Resource Center,” and became a part of the Student Affairs division in 1978. People come to the Women’s Center to find opportunities for learning through presentations, individual counseling and victim advocacy, discussion groups, and a library of materials related to women and to gender issues. Volunteers are still an essential part of our work, so stop by or email us about how you can get involved.

Men have always been partners in this work, but in 2003 we created the Men’s Outreach Coordinator student assistant position to focus on programs and services addressing men and masculinities. Just as the women’s movement has challenged us to question women’s roles and the stereotypes that limit them, many men find that society’s messages about masculinity don’t reflect their own identities. Men’s Outreach programs take place across UNL’s campuses.

Associate Director

Jan Deeds

340 Nebraska Union

(402) 472-2598